How To Handle Student Loan Debt? A New Website Provides Resources

Students graduating from college have a few months to savor their accomplishment before worrying about repaying their student loans. But what happens when they have problems making their payments? A new website, Student Loan Borrower Assistance, includes information on repayment options, avoiding and getting out of default, dealing with collections agencies, and much more. The website was created by Deanne Loonin, a staff attorney at the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center. She says “the site describes the rights and obligations of student borrowers in plain language, so that they can understand their options, and stand up for themselves.. In a...


Fee-Harvester Cards: Credit Cards That Are Really Just Fee-Generating Scams

Study after study show how expensive it is in the United States to be poor. A new report by The National Consumer Law Center about so-called fee harvester cards brilliantly illustrates that principle. These fee-harvester cards look like credit cards, but they have little or nothing to do with issuing credit. They are “subprime” cards designed to maximize profit by targeting consumers with poor credit. They look too good to be true, and are: these cards come with extremely high fees that eat up most of a low credit limit, meaning the cards are virtually useless. A typical card will...


Consumers’ Credit Reports Remain Substantially Inaccurate, According to Federal Lawmakers

4 out of 5 credit reports contain an error, and a quarter of those errors cause serious problems, according to today’s news from Washington. Yet the 2003 law that was supposed to make it easier for consumers to guard against identity theft and to freely access their credit reports is still not final. The Fair Credit Reporting Act’s 2003 amendments were supposed to make it easier for consumers to access and correct mistakes in their credit reports. But House Financial Services Committee members today criticized the FTC and the Federal Reserve for not implementing final rules from the 2003 law,...

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