Good News for Consumers–the CFPB’s Proposed New Rules for Debt Collectors

There is good news for the 70 million U.S. consumers who are behind in their bills and being pursued by a debt collector. The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed new rules that apply to the debt collectors that collect bills for other creditors. The current rules are outdated and inadequate. For example, when existing law was enacted, there was no voicemail, email or text messages. Back when the debt protection laws were written, debt collectors were sending consumers postcards, collect calls and telegrams! Here are the main new rules: Debt collectors would have to tell consumers they could...


Getting and Keeping a Good Credit Score Depends on Your Credit Reports

Getting and Keeping a Good Credit Score Depends on Your Credit Reports Your credit scores depend on what is in your credit reports. Your credit reports have information on how you have used credit, how much credit you have available, how much credit you are using, whether you made payments when due, and whether any creditor has sent an account to a debt collector. Credit scores are numbers that designed to predict how likely you are to pay back a loan. The most basic and important actions you can take to get and keep a good credit score are as...


Consumer Agency Finds the Credit Bureaus’ System of Dispute Resolution Does Not Work for Consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released a study of the operations of the three national credit bureaus. The CFPB found serious problems with the credit reporting system, and in particular, the dispute system.The bureaus’ automated dispute system in which the credit bureau often limits its role in disputes to little more than assigning codes as to what type of dispute is at issue. The bureaus do not examine documents, contact consumers by phone or email, or exercise any form of human discretion in resolving a dispute. The vast majority (85%) of credit reporting disputes are passed on to the...


Debt Collectors & Banks Scheme to Revive Old Debts

The WSJ reports that debt collectors are teaming up with some banks to offer a credit card to consumers who have old credit card debts. The old debts are barred by the statute of limitations. The debt collectors send misleading letters to the consumers stating that upon payment of a few hundred dollars on the old debts, the bank will issue a credit card. What the solicitations do not make clear is that the payment will revive the old debts. In other words, payment starts the statute of limitations running again. In California, the statute of limitations is four years...


$1.26 million Jury Award Against Debt Collector that Garnished the Wrong Person’s Wages

A federal jury in New Mexico awarded $1.26 million to a woman against collection law firm for twice trying to garnish her wages for a debt she did not owe. The case started when Target National Bank assigned a credit card debt to a debt collector law firm. Ms Lucinda Yazzie told the law firm she never had a Target credit card and she often received collection calls looking for another persons with the same name. Nevertheless, the law firm sued her and obtained a garnishment order. Yazzie’s employer interceded and the law firm withdrew the order. But two years...

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