Really Free Credit Scores

Consumers are being bombarded with “free” offers for credit reports and credit scores, but there is usually a catch. The consumer may find the free report means being subscribed to requires monthly charges unless he or she remembers to opt out. Or in order to get a free report, there is a fee for the credit score. More ways Experian, TU and Equifax make money. However, really does offer a free credit score. The only catch, and it is not much of one, is a lot of advertising. The advertising seems easy to ignore. There is a fair amount...


Sites to Get Your Free Credit Scores

The three major credit bureaus charge fees for revealing consumers’ credit scores. However, two new sites, and, offer free credit scores based on Trans Union and Experian data. The sites allow you to compare your score to a sample of other consumers. You have to register to get the scores, but the sites promise they won’t share your data with yours.



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