New Reporting by Collection Agencies & Debt Buyers

Effective last month, collection agencies and debt buyers that report information to the credit bureaus must report the name of the original creditor and may not report debt that did not arise from a contract or agreement to pay, which includes parking fines, parking tickets, and involuntary towing fees. Beginning September 1, 2016, the collection agencies and debt buyers will have a “full file” each month, meaning the agencies and buyers will have to report positive as well as derogatory information to the bureaus. Typically, agencies and buyers only now report derogatory information to the bureaus. In September 2017, collection...


Experian Asks US Supreme Court to Hear Towing Collection Case

In 2003, Mrs. Pintos sued a debt collector that had used her credit report to collect a tow company’s bill for towing her car from a San Francisco street. Her claim is that the debt collector violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act because it lacked a permissible purpose to look at her credit report. The FCRA forbids persons who are not creditors from looking at consumers’ credit reports. Mrs. Pintos also sued Experian, the credit bureau that furnished the report to the collection agency. Our law firm represents Mrs. Pintos in the case. Both sides appealed the trial court’s rulings....



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