California Lemon Law

If you bought a new car, truck, or RV that has defects that the dealer and manufacturer have not been able to repair under warranty, you may have a valid claim to get your money back. The California lemon law gives buyers the right to file suit to get their money back on unrepaired, defective products.

In order to qualify under the lemon law, you must give the repairing dealer a reasonable opportunity to repair the defect. The number of repair attempts is not fixed, but four (4) repair attempts is generally deemed reasonable unless the defect affects your safety. In that case, two (2) repair attempts may be sufficient.

The defects must substantially affect the vehicle’s use, value or safety.

The buyer’s remedies are either a new replacement, return of the purchase price and finance charges, or a partial refund.

You must give the dealer an opportunity to fix the issue, which is generally seen as four repair attempts. Additionally, the issues with the vehicle must substantially affects its use or safety.

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