How to Get Rid of Credit Card Offers in the Mail

You can get rid of unwanted credit card offers in the mail. Go to their website, which is the direct mail marketers site. Go to consumer assistance; once you have registered (it costs $1), you are protected for five years. It takes a few months, but the unsolicited mailings should stop. Reducing this type of mail reduces the chances someone will steal the mail and apply for credit in your name.


New Credit Card Scam Targets Consumers by Phone

Credit cards scammers have a new tool to defraud consumers. Most people have heard of “phishing,” when fraudsters ask consumers to reveal personal credit information in response to a fraudulent e-mail message. This new scam is called “vishing“ – phishing by phone. Fraudsters prompt this new scam either by e-mail message or by a phone call, which can be recorded or live. Typically consumers will be asked to type in an account number or other information over the phone. The thief then uses this information to steal credit or for identity theft. Thieves often use huge lists of consumers’ names...


Credit Card Fraud By India Call Centers Exposed

Call centers in India have been defrauding British consumers by selling their personal financial data for as little as eight British pounds, less that ten U.S. dollars. This video illustrates the shockingly wide-ranging practice of call centers’ theft of consumers’ valuable personal information, which is then quickly offered for sale. Unfortunately, this data theft is spread among a number of banks, not just one or two. One of the British journalists reporting the story questioned whether this wide-spread practice was exacerbated by the banks’ decision to move their call centers out of Britain to save money. The same type of...


Consumer Abuse Film Previews Tomorrow

Maxed Out, an illuminating new documentary film about how the credit industry takes advantage of vulnerable consumers, arrives in theaters tomorrow. I had a chance to preview this film by director James Scurlock in November and was blown away. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses credit or credit cards at all. In 1979, when I graduated from law school–with a great job–it took three tries before I could get a VISA card. The film demonstrates just how much has changed since then. Now creditors are luring college students into applying for credit cards as soon as they leave...


American Arbitration Association (AAA) Breaks Promise Not to Arbitrate Medical Disputes

When consumers arbitrate disputes, we’ve learned that arbitrators hold enormous power. Arbitration decisions do not have to be based on the law that would apply in a court case. Arbitration can be enormously expensive. And there is seldom any ground for a court to review an arbitration decision, even if it is clearly and demonstrably wrong. For these and other reasons, our law firm rarely handles arbitration claims. We feel that the court system, with its checks and balances and avenues of appeal, is the fairest and best way to handle legal disputes. But, we have just learned that many...

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