Kohl’s Must Provide Info to Identity Theft Victims

If you as a victim of identity theft sees that someone bought stuff at Kohl's, wouldn't you think Kohl's would help you out? And give you what information it had on the identity thief? And what if the law required stores like Kohl's to give it to you without you having to get it from law enforcement or you having to hire an attorney? You would have thought wrong; even though a law required Kohl's to do just that, it wasn't doing so. So now the FTC has ordered Kohl's to comply with the law and give ID theft victims...


CARES Act Consumer Protection (Covid 19 Crisis)

The National Consumer Law Center has prepared this summary of consumer rights This article, which will be updated as developments warrant, seeks to list the actions Congress, governors, federal and state agencies, and businesses are taking to protect consumers in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. These actions include suspensions on foreclosures, evictions, and terminations on telecommunications and utility service, elimination of interest and forbearance on student loan payments, and more. The article will also consider the impact of government-ordered closure or restrictions on court hearings and on non-essential businesses has on debt collection, repossessions, and court actions against consumer debtors....

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