Credit Repair Scams: How To Spot Them

Consumers with poor credit naturally want to clean up their credit reports. But as Michelle Singletary reported in her Washington Post column last week, there are credit repair scammers out there that are perfectly willing to take consumers’ hard-earned cash and then fail to do anything useful. Worse, some of their “methods” can be unethical or even unlawful. Consumers should look for these red flags in deciding whether a credit repair organization is legitimate. Beware of credit repair organizations that do any of the following: 1) The company requires an upfront fee. Under the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act, it...


Judge Says Experian Is Liable For Mis-Reporting Information in a Court File

Significant percentages of consumer credit reports include serious errors. What happens if the error is a misinterpretation of a court document? What happens if a consumer settles a dispute in court, but a credit reporting agency instead reports that the consumer has a judgment entered against him? What happens if that error results in credit denials for the consumer? That happened to Los Angeles resident Jason Dennis, as Molly Selvin reports in today’s Los Angeles Times. Mr. Dennis had a dispute with a landlord that resulted in a settlement: he and his landlord agreed that no judgment would be entered...


Consumers’ Credit Reports Remain Substantially Inaccurate, According to Federal Lawmakers

4 out of 5 credit reports contain an error, and a quarter of those errors cause serious problems, according to today’s news from Washington. Yet the 2003 law that was supposed to make it easier for consumers to guard against identity theft and to freely access their credit reports is still not final. The Fair Credit Reporting Act’s 2003 amendments were supposed to make it easier for consumers to access and correct mistakes in their credit reports. But House Financial Services Committee members today criticized the FTC and the Federal Reserve for not implementing final rules from the 2003 law,...

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