What Consumers May Do if Credit Bureaus Won’t Correct their Credit Reports

Credit bureaus are required to correct errors in consumers’ credit reports when the consumers dispute inaccurate items in their credit reports. The errors usually stem from inaccurate reports provided by credit card companies, debt collectors and retailers. Often, the credit bureaus’ investigation of the disputed item is merely to ask the “supplier” of the inaccurate information if the information is accurate. Too often, the supplier tells the credit bureaus the information is accurate which leads to the credit bureaus refusing to correct the reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives the consumer the right to sue the credit bureaus...


Consumers Can Instantly Register for Recall Information on Hazardous Products

Consumers should use their hard-earned credit to buy products that are safe and effective. But sometimes it’s difficult–if not impossible–to keep track of hazardous products. In 2006, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled a record 466 products. The CPSC wants to help, encouraging consumers to “spring clean for safety” by signing up to receive information on hazardous products that have been recalled. Consumers should be particularly diligent about checking products like grills and outdoor furniture; children’s products; household products; and electronics. You can receive notice of recall information as it is released by signing up with the CPSC....



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