A Low Credit Score Can Ruin a Date

The NY Times reports that credit scores are now part of the dating scene. Young folks are being asked for their credit scores and a low score can be a deal breaker. One young lady thought things were going well when her date asked a decidedly unromantic question: “What’s your credit score?”

“It was as if the music stopped,” said Ms. LaShawn, 31, said, recalling how the date this year went so wrong so quickly after she tried to answer his question honestly. “It was really awkward because he kept telling me that I was the perfect girl for him, but that a low credit score was his deal-breaker.”

The Times reporter interviewed 50 daters under the age of 40 and found that one’s credit score is widely used as a factor in dating decisions, sometimes eclipsing more traditional priorities like a good job, shared interests and physical chemistry.

Financial planners, marriage counselors and dating site executives say they were hearing far more concerns about credit than in the past. “It’s the only grade that matters after you graduate,” according to one such executive.

One 25 year old woman who has vigilantly monitored her credit score ever since graduating from Rutgers in 2009, has found that broaching the topic of her own credit score causes her suitors to open up, too.

A handful of small, online dating Web sites have sprung up to cater specifically to singles looking for a partner with a good credit score, including Creditscoredating.com, which allows members to view the credit scores of potential dates who agree to provide the numbers, and Datemycreditscore.com.

Sarah Klein, who manages myFICO Forums, an online discussion group, likens credit scores to dieting because both affect dating but often are shrouded in secrecy.


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